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Evasive Driving Training

To develop a safe driving environment and reduce accidents due to negligence, ignorance or inability of drivers and drivers impacting on the number of accidents and lost working hours, we hereby intend to introduce our Driving and Driving Defensive training program.
This course is designed to improve driving skill .  Upon graduating students will have developed the driving skills necessary to evade and outmaneuver potential threats.  
Trainer : 
• Yuma Wiranatakusumah – The Commando Armored Car Certified Trainer from Cadillac Gage of Detroit Michigan 
• Wijaya Kusuma – Safety Driving Trainer Trainer 
• Andri SA – Indonesia Top Rank Rally and Slalom
The performance driving modules comprise of the following.  


– Avoiding danger through awareness and concentration – Proper steering – Pedal control ˆ smoothness and consistency, – Target fixation ˆ how to avoid it. – Low and high speed cornering J Turn , how to escape in narrow gap,  – Proper braking techniques in all conditions – Correct throttle control – Weight transfer – Collision avoidance – Skid pan ˆ correct evasive procedure during skidding Evasive Driving –  The anti-carjacking modules: 
The module will be as follows : 
– “This Could Never Happen To Me ” Syndrome “ – Identifying potential hazards on the road – Avoiding these hazards (if possible) – How to safely hand over your vehicle – (if necessary) – Profile of a carjacker – Why is carjacking on the increase? – Where do carjackers strike? – Fear Management – Making your car undesirable – What to do if you are taken hostage – What to do if you have children in the car during an assault. – Ambush 
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