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Basic Safety Training

We are very grateful to have this opportunity to propose you a quotation for Basic Offshore safety Induction and Emergency Training program and we hereby offer you our best quote with the following
Training Title              :  (BASIC SAFETY TRAINING)
Duration                        :  2 days (08.00 – 17.00) Theoretical and Practical
Training Overview     :  Basic training on safety training is essentially the same but there is a difference between basic training at sea and working on the offshore platform at the mine. For the person who work in vessel, The training shall comply with Regulation VI/1 of the Annex to the STCW Convention. While for the offshore platform shall comply with IMO.
The aim of this course is provide participants with knowledge, skills and understanding of health and safety standard operating procedures, provide participants to respond the emergency situation appropriately, prepare their knowledge and skill for an emergency in offshore environment, provide participants to use safety equipment and provide the survival techniques in the open water. 
  • Elementary First Aid – IMO Model Course 1.13 (theory)
  • Personal Survival Technique – IMO Model Course 1.19 (theory and practice)
    • Basic First Aid technique to save live, prevent worsening and promote recovery. 
    • Principle of Basic Life Support – EAR, CPR, DR, ABC.
    • Basic Life Support Practical
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting – IMO Model Course 1.20 (theory and practice)
  • All about Fire, theory, chemistry, anatomy, classification, caused
    •  Action in case of fire
    •  Practical of fire fighting, using fire extinguishers, fire blanket, etc
    •  Personal Safety and Social Responsibility – IMO Model Course 1.21 (theory)
  •  General emergency and safety Introduction
    • Helicopter safety procedures, before flight, boarding, in flight, landing, disembark, etc
    • Helicopter emergencies, surface evacuation, vital actions, underwater escape and rescue
    • Offshore safety briefing, emergency situations, evacuations and escape methods
    • Survival techniques in the open water.
Basic content of the practical lessons:
Techniques for Personal Survival and Emergency Procedures (Survival at Sea):
  • Swimming 15 meters with or without a lifejacket;
  • Jumping from 3 meters height with a lifejacket;
  • Flipping an inflatable raft in the water;
  • Float in the water for 10 minutes;
  • Practice accessing the liferaft from the water using a lifejacket;
  • Concentration at the meeting point; and
  • Entry procedures and use of safety belt in the lifeboat.
Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting:
Real fire fighting training in small proportions using:
  • All types of fire extinguishers:
  • Hoses and fittings;
  • Entry procedures for enclosures with smoke.
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