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Forklift Safety Operator (SIO and non SIO)

Course Description : This course is designed to empower the participant with the skills and knowledge to safely and productively operate rough terrain forklifts (within the scope of the construction industry). The “forklifts” used in this training include telehandlers/extended-reach and rough-terrain/straight-mast forklifts. The repetition of these learned skills will enable the participant to recognize potentially dangerous conditions and avoid accidents
Goals and Objective  and Learning Outcomes
  • Safely drive, maneuver, lift, place, and retrieve with a telehandler/extended-reach forklift and straightmast forklift. 
  • Identify the requirements for brakes and warning devices on a forklift. 
  • Operate the forklift in a smooth, safe manner on rough terrain. 
  • OSHA regulations, principles of the center of gravity, the fulcrum, and the stability triangle. 
  • Calculate the lifting capacities of the forklifts. Standards 
 Theory, Practice and Exam
For those who passed the training will  get  SIO Forklift Operator from Minister of Man Power.   The Outcome of the training and upon the completion of the program, participants are expected to be able to:
  • Implement the rules of regulation on Forklift safety operator.
  • Operate the Forklift correctly under the terms of worksheet of safety
  • Understand the cause of the accident.
  • Understand  how to read the load list
  • Implement the accident reporting system
  • Conduct daily checks and treatments
  • The participant learn on the implementation of Law no. 01 Year 1970, and     of the Minister of Manpower no. 05/1985 Regulation related to forklift safety operator.
  • Understand on   Forklift Manual Operation
  • Forklift Care & Testing, duties and Responsibilities of the Operator
  • Goods Symbol on Packaging
  • Measurement on Capacity
  • The basics of hydraulics
  •  Duration of training : 3 days (21 hours effective), 
  • Venue                                : On Site-LP2K3 office
  • Medical Required      : No,  but no blind color and should be healthy
Delegates Minimum number 10  person ++ 
The process of Certificate issuance & SIO approximately 4 weeks, by attaching the participant’s biography and 3 x 4cm color photo passport 3 pieces and 2 x 3 size 2 pieces.
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