In order to develop safety-riding environment and reduce accident due to negligence, ignorance or incapability of the driver and rider which impacted to increase number of accident and lost of working hours, we hereby would like to introduce our Defensive Driving and Safety Riding training program. We also provide qualified expert driver for out sourcing program.

The syllabus will be as follows :
  • Introduction  
  • Pre Test
  •  Preface o Why we need safety riding o Riding Regulation o Accident Fact o Lost Time Injuries and consequential damages o Goals of training o Introduction to motorcycles o Type of motorcycles o Motorcycle component o Tyre types o TCLOCS Pre Trip Inspection Checking your motorcycle o Choose bike suit you – Personal factor o Drugs and medicine o Fatigue o Preparing to ride body protector o Mental preparation o Dress to be seen 
  • 5 SEEING HABITS o Looking far a head o Look around o Keep your eyes moving o Leave yourself an out o Being seen and make sure they see you
  • Looking around 
  • Scanning and planning o Head check o Using mirror o Position  
  • Keeping your distance – Difficult surfaces – QHSE Training Services  Phone +62-21-8353685 Fax +62-21-83708359  Email : 
– Riding at night – Emergencies – Carrying passengers and loads – Group riding – Your motorcycle o Motorcycle maintenance o Mechanical failure o Regular inspections o Roadworthiness o Risk Management o Group Riding – – Post Test 

A comprehensive training program and was very helpful in reducing the potential risk of motor vehicle accidents, especially road transportation such as buses, trucks and others. With training methods derived from the training methods used by the operator defensive driving training from several countries and combined with the danger, the culture and mindset of the people of Indonesia.


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