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HSE stands for Health, Safety, Environment. HSE is one part of the management of a company. There are financial management, HRM management, and also HSE Management.
At the company, HSE management is usually led by an HSE manager, who is in charge of planning, implementing and controlling the entire HSE program. The HSE program is tailored to the level of risk of each field of work. Eg HSE Construction will be different with Mining HSE and will be different with HSE Oil and Gas.
HSE is not a standard. But in applying HSE we need to adopt some standards. For the oil and gas sector, some of the standards on HSE that can be used are:
API RP 750, about Process Safety Management
OSHA CPR 119.10. 110, about Process Safety Management
OHSAS 18001, on Occupational Health and Safety
Ministerial Decree on SMK3
NFPA, National Fire Protection Association
NEC, National Electrical Code
LSC, Life Safety Code
HSE is structured systematically as an organizational management system to achieve its goals, objectives and vision in occupational safety and health and environment. As a system, this is the guidance and rule of the game for all levels of both the management team and the workers and sub-lines of the organization that exist within the organization.
Some companies integrate this HSE management system with a Security Management System and / or Quality. There are even those that integrate with all aspects, such as. HR, Finance, Marketing etc, so sometimes the name of a system is not too important, because the essential is a reflection of the system itself in its implementation.
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