The ability to survive a human being from the environment can be derived from him which is a gift from the Almighty for the inclusion of reason in the creation of man or can also increase from the process of practicing and in touch with the natural surroundings. The environment can be native habitat or foreign habitat. Jungle and Sea Survival are two examples of human survival mechanisms against the environment that are not their natural habitat. 

There is also the term Urban Survival here humans with all the skills in demanding to survive in the city environment that is the original habitat. Sea Survival Training is one of the training that must be passed by the workers in Oil & Gas industry, especially located offshore work. 

High levels of risk awareness of safety are growing as well as the prevailing international and regional regulations make these training the minimum requirements that must be met in addition to higher level training.

Purpose and objectives

Provides a standardized knowledge of marine survival techniques with Controlled and Uncontrolled phases.

  1. After participating in this training the participants are expected to implement and able to:
  2.  Able and understands the basic safety, threats and dangers of getting to the place or while working in the existing facilities at sea and understand the situation of Controlled and Uncontrolled accident, psychology survival, and the use of basic safety equipment.
  3. Increase understanding of the action of implementation of survival principles that can increase Survivability of a person in survival.
  4. Able to use PFD type 1 in controlled and uncontrolled state and capable of when individual swim or group.
  5. Understanding the signs and symptoms of hypothermia and able to prevent with the attitude of HELP and HUDDLE position.
  6. Know the type of liferaft and able to activate in the development process manually and understand with hydrostatic system, as well as techniques reverse liferaft and process up into the liferaft (Boarding).
  7. Able to optimize Survival Kit equipment in principle of liferaft management Protec Organization Location Comfort.
  8. Understand the use of EPIRB, ELT, SART, PLB, and Pyrotechnic Signal light, Smoke, Flammable, Reflector heliograph, Day marker, Radar Reflector.
  9. Understand the principle of salvage from the Sea Facility by ship, from the sea with the Fixed Wing (Winged) Rotary Wing (Helicopter) Aircraft.

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