Corporate Rate Defensive Driving Training for Light Vehichle

Syllabus :

In order to develop safety-driving environment and reduce accident due to negligence, ignorance or incapability of the driver and rider which impacted to increase number of accident and lost of working hours, we hereby would like to introduce our Defensive Driving and Safety Riding training program. We also provide qualified expert driver for out sourcing program.

A comprehensive training program and was very helpful in reducing the potential risk of motor vehicle accidents, especially road transportation such as buses, trucks and others. With training methods derived from the training methods used by the operator defensive driving training from several countries and combined with the danger, the culture and mindset of the people of Indonesia.

In this training each participant will get the knowledge about how to prepare the vehicle and what were  should  be  checked  before running the vehicle to ensure the vehicle is safe to operate. In addition given how well the steps are safe for driving maneuver on the highway

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  1. Pre test

  2. Prepare to drive 

  3. Recognize your car

    • Control panel 

    • Seat position , tilt steering (Safety belt position etc ) 

    • Pretrip dan post trip Check Inspection (Barometer) 

    • Weight and balance and center awareness e. Safe Driving Principle 

  4. Personal factor

    • Staying Alert and Fit to Drive

    • Drugs and alcohol impact c. Pressure blood and pulse checked

    • Fatigue and tired

    • Anger management and Driving Ethic.

  5. Typical Aggressive driver and how to avoid

  6. Maneuver technique

    • Managing visual search

    • Speeding and its impact to vision range

    • Smart Seeing Habits 1. Looking far a head 2. Look around 3. Keep your eyes moving and keep update with the traffic situation. 4. Leave yourself an out 5. Make sure they see you d. 

    • Search Evaluate Execute

    • Braking system, brake evasion and braking techniques 

    • Maneuver   Front vision range : Identify – Judgment time – Action time 

    •  Controlling Speed

  7. Accident prevention formula

    • a. Brake evasion, skidding control and counter steering

    • b. hazard operation (Hazob), avoid collision and accident procedure

    • c. Driving at night, fog, and extreme conditions

    • d. In highway toll road

    • e. Dealing with motorcycles 

    • f. Dealing with pedestrian

    • g. Parking

  8. Vehicle failure and how to prevent and fix.

  9. Risk Management a. Journey planner b. Early bird driver fault c. Risk judgment d. Minimize risk e. Be a good driver

  10.  Eco driving